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Four expressions of a narcissist you need to pick early

1. A very arrogant smirk on their face when you try to make them account for something they did. The expression seems to say ‘get out of my way, you dirty thing. Who do you think you are to question me?’
2. A deeply hostile stare. This can happen in the middle of an argument and it’s deeply scary for you. It often makes you freeze and recoil, which was the exact intended effect.
3. A narcissistic rage.
They flare up in such intense anger that they appear psychotic. And yet it’s over a ridiculously small provocation. It could be in public or in private, but they totally lose themselves.
4. A hollow stare, a hopelessness and emptiness in their eyes.
This is rare and you can only catch them unawares, after which they will quickly recollect and cover it up. Narcissists are deeply afraid and empty people. They have arrogantly refused to heal and instead resorted to harassing people so they can feel good about themselves.
(©️ Benjamin Zulu Global)

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