From Hawking ” Dawa Ya Mende” In The Streets Of Kariokor To Owning Restaurants In 3 Big Towns

Without employment, life can be very tough and unforgiving especially for those who spent years in campuses only to graduate and start struggling to clinch a job opportunity due to their lack of connections. However every now and then, stories comes along to remind and motivate us about the power of hard work, and perseverance.

One such story is that of Clinton Khaemba my former classmate in high school whom we extended bonds of friendship to that of brotherhood. Clinton graduated from Utalii College and he had a promising career of becoming one of the best chefs in town. Unfortunately he couldn’t get employed by a good hotel and he had to strive in the streets of Kariokor hustling and hawking to win his daily bread by selling insecticides and mouse traps.

According to Clinton, his passion in cooking developed at a young age while performing house chores. He says that he discovered his talent when he would cook for his siblings and they’ll end up craving for more of his dishes. His passion was further fueled when he excelled in a Home science class back at school, and from then he knew that he had to pursue a course entailing such. He enrolled in Utalii College where he obtained a diploma in Hotel Management and Catering. But later struggled to get employment and opted to start hawking until a friend of his introduced him to KAZIMOTO DOCTORS from Kitengela town and gave him Dr. KAZIMOTO’s telephone number +254 741 930918 that he called and he was given Money Spells and Luck Charms that guided him to landing a job as a chef later that month at the Sarova Woodlands hotel.

” I had struggled for years to get employment and the insecticides I used to hawk couldn’t give me huge returns to the results of using the poor profits to fill my stomach and landlords would lock my door occasionally due to the huge arrears they I owed them.” According to him, after he mat Dr. KAZIMOTO his life changed to the better this is because of the Money Spells that Dr. KAZIMOTO casted on him that led to him owning three hotels one in Nairobi another one in Mombasa and also one in Nakuru. Khaemba advises all people that struggle with personal and financial issues to seek the aid of Dr. KAZIMOTO through his telephone number +254 741 930918 since he delivers help by use of his Mighty Spells and Powerful Cleansing Rituals that works instantly and changes one’s life to the best.

For consultations and examinations, KAZIMOTO DOCTORS can be reached through the number +254741930918.The doctors handles general problems that ranges from solving hardship in business, solving family problems, love issues, winning court cases, winning lottery games ,promotion at work, protection of family properties as well as foretelling of one’s future. Reach out to KAZIMOTO DOCTORS to help heal diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, gonorrhea, syphilis, TB, manhood weaknesses and any other ailments. The mighty herbalist also helps in winning lottery games, increases your luck in life and also helps in casting away evil spirits and bad dreams. You can contact him through his line +254741930918 and have all your problem solved.

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