Fuel Dealers Support Buying Fuel in Kenya Shillings

Fuel Dealers have lauded the move by the Kenya Kwanza government to buy oil and petroleum products using Kenya Shillings instead of US dollars that has been rising against the Kenya shillings.

Speaking during the opening of the Diesel Power Petrol station next to Eldoret Grains Limited (Dola) along Mandago road, the stakeholders blamed dollar scarcity on the high petrol prices.

“The move by the government to use Kenya shillings will help us for there are no dollars. This will help us manage the fuel prices and that purchasing will get fuel at cheaper prices,” said Elvis Chumo.
This comes after President William Ruto asserted that the country will be able to buy petroleum oil in Kenya Shillings.

This is an effort to combat the country’s continuing dollar shortage, where the Kenyan government signed an agreement with three international oil companies that will allow the African nation to purchase oil using Kenyan shillings.

Quashing claims of monopoly by the government to regulate the fuel industry, Chumo supported the move claiming necessary consultations had been made before this decision was arrived at.

“This government-to-government agreement will aid us also due to the dollar shortages. It will aid business people engaging in the sale of petroleum and petroleum products to be able to get good profit margins. Think the government made necessary consultations with all the stakeholders before they came up with these decisions.” he added.
Mrs. Mary Boinett while lauding the government for switching to Kenya shillings instead of dollars in fuel-related transactions called for peace and security as this will lead to the circulation of the Kenya shillings and enough food within the country.

“First I want to thank the lord for a time like this, secondly I want to thank the lord for our government because the government resorted to using Kenya Shillings instead of US dollars since the shilling will circulate in Kenya because some of us didn’t know what the dollar is but we know of shillings. My prayer is for three things, first is for security in our country so we can be able to circulate the shillings. Secondly, if we have peace, enough food, and no diseases, at the end of the day we will see the Lord, and Kenya will never be the same again. I thank the government because the shilling will get to the last person down there.” said Mary Boinett.

Diesel Power was opening its 22nd branch in the county with plans to open two new branches in other parts of the county in the course of the year.

“So far we have 21 branches and we are planning to expand elsewhere. This is now our 22nd branch. In the course of the year, we are planning on adding two branches by the end of the year. We are yet to decide which counties will take our total to 24.” noted Chumo.

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