Do you have a great product that you want people to buy but they are skeptical about that product. You need to give them a taste of it.

Remember the first time you visited a “mutura” seller or those mamas who sell boiled groundnuts. They understood that you may be doubting the quality of their meat or boiled groundnut, so they offered you a taste of it.

Car manufacturing companies, whenever they release a new car will offer people a free ride. This is a marketing strategy. This takes away people`s fear and attracts them to the new car.

Do you want people to love your product? Can you produce some samples?

If you are rendering a service, this is a lot easier (and cheaper), can you offer people some free service? If you have a hospital, can you offer a free medical checkup?

When someone gets a free medical test and discovers he is having typhoid or malaria, will he go home and sleep comfortably? You get it.

If you are having a hotel, can you offer free breakfast? You will be surprised that even people who are rich enough to pay any amount for breakfast may come to your hotel because of the free breakfast.


Psychologist Dan Ariely has told us (in his book, predictable irrational) that human beings, all of us, are irrational.

Claude Hopkins said, sample always pays for itself and even more.

When people taste your product or service, they say, wow, and then buy (that is why it must be a wow product anyway, if you want this business tactic to work).

*Spread a contagious virus.*

The truth is, advertising is dying and may soon die. Why? Noisy. Noisy. Crowded. Because advertising is now everywhere, and hundreds of them for that matter. Nobody is paying attention to adverts again (except a few brilliant adverts of course).

When last did you react to a television advert?

When last did you buy something because you read its advert on newspaper?

Did you ever take your phone and call a line from a radio advert? Maybe no.

So do you think your own advert will be diligently listened to?

Think again.

But there is a way out… spread a contagious virus.

This is what I mean. Create something that is great enough to catch someone`s attention. After such people fall in love with you, they are more likely to tell their friends about it.

Can you remember few instances when you talked to a friend about a great fast food restaurant, a nice hotel or a great book? Now you can see.

We love to talk about a good product or service to our friends. In fact, we are usually proud of good products/services and talk about them on social media sites.

With this, we are advertising for the company involve (and we do so willingly).

For instance wherever I read a great book, I tell my friends about it, even force some of them to buy it. I know I am ‘’helping’’ the author, but that is not the way I see it. Instead, I see it as helping my friends.

Create something worthwhile (a product and service) and people will want their friends to also know about it.

Am so much grateful to our readers who are telling their friends about our PROFITABLE BUSINESS IDEAS GROUP and our various Business Trainings. This tells me that it pays to give value.

Thanks so much.

*Written By;* Justine Nyachieo
Business Man & Mentor

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