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Govenor Natembeya Commissions the Construction of Sh 650 Million Sports Complex

Transnzoia governor George Natembeya has commissioned the construction of a state of art ultra-modern sports complex.

He says the complex will cost 650 million shillings.

“This evening, I comissioned the construction of the Trans Nzoia County ultra-modern sports complex, which will cost 650M Shillings and have a capacity of 50,000 people. The facility will include a training room as well as space for sporting events and national functions,” said that Trans-Nzoia second governor.

He says once complete the project will address infrastructure and training equipments deficiencies and provide modern training equipment to talented youths from Trans Nzoia County.

He noted that he was elected by residents for developing purposes and not playing politics.

“The people of Transzoia trusted me with the leadership of this county and wont let them down, politics is now over and it’s time to serve the electorates,” said Natembeya.

Governor Barbey will accompanied by Ferdinand Wanyonyi M.P Kwanza, County Secretary Madam Truphosa Irene, CECMs, Chief Officers, Chief of Staff, and a host of MCA’S.
They all affirmed their unreserved support.

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