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Government to Employ 1,300 managers for the TVET-PS TVET

Principal Secretary for Technical, Vocational Education and Training Dr. Esther Thaara Muoria now says the government will employ 1,300 managers for the TVET.

Speaking during Speaking after presiding over the opening of training on income-generating activities for officers and TVET managers at the Rift Valley Technical Training Institute and the Eldoret National Polytechnic the PS said this will ensure students get quality and not quantity education.

“To bridge the gap of low student-to-tutor ratio, we will soon advertise for recruitment of trainers in our TVET colleges and already the government has allowed us to bring on board about 1,300 of them as soon as possible,” the PS said.

Commenting on the existence of the fake advert for trainers she warned Kenyans against applying for such advertisements going on online.

She noted that the government is training more than 3,100 managers for the TVET colleges to enhance their managerial capacity.

“As I am talking the colleges across the Country face shortage of trainers countrywide the government and we will gradually increase staffing as part of the plans to ensure quality training,” he said.

The PS urged students to apply for positions at the various TVET institutions across the country because they are ready to absorb the large numbers transitioning from Secondary school to the next level.

“Our TVET institutions are ready to absorb this large number of students. We want to take a message to these students that TVET institutions are the way to go. We want to have people technically trained, well polished to do whatever task that they required of them.” said Permanent Secretary TVET.

She noted that who did not perform well in KCSE should not be considered failures.

“None of the students who didn’t get marks for university entry should feel they are failures. We will ensure they are accommodated in our TVET colleges so that they get the necessary skills to fit in the labor market,” she said.

Dr.Edwin Tarno, CEO Kenya School of TVET said training begun June last year is targeting a total of 3115 TVET managers across the country which focuses on all managers following a research by UNESCO on the gaps by manager’s abilities.

“The project started running in June last year, and we are targeting 3115 TVET managers across the country. We started the training of principals of colleges followed by their deputies, we’ve come down now we are at the estate officers and income generating officers. In the next one month we’ll be going down to heads of departments of all TVET colleges across Kenya together with finance officers across the country. This was informed by a research done by UNESCO and Kenya School of TVET, a research that discovered there are so many gaps about our managers’ abilities, so this is what the ministry decided and I think it will have a positive impact on how the colleges will be run.” Claimed Dr.Edwin Tarno, CEO Kenya School of TVET.

Charles Koech Principal Eldoret Technical Training Institute stated the benefits of the training and capacity building workshop they’ve had.

“The training is quite interactive. They started with online training for 1 week and then proceeded to the physical training currently happening at The Eldoret National polytechnic. We welcome all the stakeholders who are partnering with us in this endeavor.” Noted Mr. Koech.

Highlighting the progress being undertaken at Rift Valley Technical Training Institute, the principal commented on the work that is already underway at the institution.

“At rift valley technical training we are a host to the training of income generating activities which the ministry is spearheading under the leadership of Kenya School of TVET and we are having around 100 participants who are taking part in the training. The ministry is earmarking every institution becomes an enterprise that would be able to generate income for sustainable interaction of the country.” said Loice Yator Principal of Rift Valley Technical Training Institute.

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