Government Urged to Invest in Youths

The National  government has been urged to invest largely on youths  since they are the future.

According to Peter Gichure Kamau  CEO  Gichu Engineering Services  this is through allocation of more funds to fund their  innovations.

“Many youths across the country has skills,knowledge and innovation and what they lack is financial support, I therefore urge the government to invest in youths by  allocating more money to fund their projects. Why should the government invest billions in other projects yet youths a very small budget,” said the Gichu Engineering Services CEO.

Gichure said if the government will invest in youths and fund their innovation and technical skills, Kenya will never import  machines from China  and other countries since they will be locally manufactured in the country.

“It is sad that the government is concentrating on importing machines such as milling plants, milk ATM, maize driers among others which can be locally manufactured,  what we need as youths is for the government to invest on us and we will produce more quality machines than those ones which are imported,” he added.

He called on government to always buy locally manufactured machines  and put High taxes for  those who import  the same machines thos will discourage them from buying from outside but instead buy from Kenya. 

Concerning the Kazi  Mtaani program which has employed many youths to cushion them from the effects of COVID-19  Gichure the program good but the government could have but they could have invested in their ideas which will help them earn a living in many years to come. 

“The program is good but for short term but in my opinion the government could have sat with the youths and see where they are good at thereafter sponsor their programs, this will help them employ themselves this cases of unemployment among the youths will be a thing of the past,” Gichure said.

He said that  China rose because they shared ideas and helped their youths nothing that if Kenyan leaders will do the same in the next five years cases of unemployment will be a thing of the past amongst the youths.

To create employment among  the  jobless youths in the country Gichure  further called on the government  to fund youths from rural areas by  putting up greenhouses and be taught on practicing farming without largely depending on rains.

“Those in urban towns  such as Nairobi, Mombasa among others should be taught about juakali business which is more paying than white collar jobs,”  Gichu Engineering Services CEO.

He further advised youths who have just completed their education not  to wait for white collar jobs but instead venture into blue collar jobs.

“I want to call upon youths who have just completed their university education to go back to technical college and have a short course this will help them have technical skills which will help them earn a living by employing themselves,” he added.

Gichure who is the proprietor of Gichu Engineering Services  which is located at Kariobangi deals in making  poshomills, Milling plants, bricket machines, Milk ATM, Cabro Machines, shelters, maize driers, Animal feed mixers milk coolers among others.

For more information or placing an order please contact Peter Gichu on 0716405708.

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