Governor Bii Orders Staff Audit to Weed Out Ghost Workers

Uasin Gishu governor Jonathan Bii has issued a warning to the ghost workers drawing salaries from the county coffers without offering any service to the Uasin Gishu County government.

The governor stated a directive has been issued to audit the county staff and believes there would be culprits found who ceased working for the county but reap the benefits they haven’t worked for.

“The ghost workers will soon be found out. I did give a direction that will audit our staff and very soon we will get to know who are the ghost workers. I am very sure there are one or two ghost workers, especially in the Department of Health. Others have gone for further studies, some resigned and others are retired and they are still drawing salaries as per what I am told because i am yet to confirm. We will not miss ghost workers here but we are looking for people who are willing to work and are also able to work.” said Jonathan Bii.

Calling on the governor not to blink when dealing with the ghost workers, Collins Kemboi stated on how this affected employed health workers who never got their pay as a result of the ghost workers.

“We call on the governor to do your work without relenting because the wage bill is high, and there are a lot of concerns from the health department. Some of the health workers never got their monthly salaries.” Added Collins Kemboi, Uasin Gishu Youth Representative.

The governor highlighting the cash-strapped counties stated a sensitization was made to the community on the push for land rate payments to enable the county government to generate revenues.
“We are struggling as a county and we push for more revenue. the other day we had the enhancement revenue team where we sensitized the community and those who never paid for their land rates to give us money.” added the governor.
Kamunzi Mulei, secretary KMPDU North Rift region supported the need to flash out ghost workers but didn’t believe the health sector was the only affected department in the county.

“In many counties, there are a lot of ghost workers, workers who are on the payroll, collecting salaries but not engaged in any service delivery. I concur with the governor on the issue of ghost workers but i am not sure if the ghost workers are doctors only.” Noted Kamunzi Mulei, Secretary KMPDU North Rift Region.

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