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Governor Jonathan Bii Meets Head of Departments and Sections at the County headquarters

Uasin Gishu governor Jonathan Bii held consultative meetings with the head of departments and sections at the county headquarters. Directors and head of departments are frontline officers in service delivery, project management and coordination of public servants.

“We are consolidating the County human resource in preparation for a policy shift and the actualization of the “Nguzo Kumi” manifesto. As a ‘Governor wa Raiya’ under the spirit of bottom-up policy, I will always be available at the grassroots more than being at the office,” he said.

“As a ‘Governor wa Raiya’, I will pick from where my predecessor left and align my blue print to the Kenya Kwanza’s bottom-up policies and focus on key areas like the small-scale traders, farmers, the youth, women among other priorities at the grassroots,” he added.

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