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Governor Jonathan Bii’s administration to Protect Wetlands

Governor Jonathan Bii’s administration is committed to ensuring that all Wetlands are preserved and restored as part of the efforts to mitigate the effects of climate.

Speaking during a clean-up exercise of River Sosiani, ahead of tomorrow’s celebrations of World Wetlands Day, CECM for Water, Sanitation, Irrigation, Energy, Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change Dr. Abraham Serem called upon members of the public to help in environmental conservation by planting trees, ensuring proper sanitation and protecting water sources.

“Today we had a cleaning exercise of the Sosiani River to mark the World Wetlands Day, I am giving a stern warning to residents against the illegal dumping of waste in rivers across the county. Those who will be found will face the full force of the law,” said the CECM for Water, Sanitation, Irrigation, Energy, Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change.

He added that the County Government is on the move to restore all wetlands that have been encroached to improve water reservoirs in the county. He emphasized that the County will map out all wetlands for proper planning and restoration.

Several stakeholders participated in the exercise. World wetlands day is marked every 2nd February annually to raise awareness about Wetlands to reverse their rapid loss and encourage action to conserve and restore them.

Population density and increase has been the leading cause of wetland destruction and degradation with change in climatic conditions also a contributing factor.

“Our work is basically to do crane and wetland conservation, focusing on the grey crowned crane in Kenya. Wetlands are disappearing because of population explosions and with changing climatic conditions; people are rushing to the wetlands thus resulting in the degradation of wetlands.” said Vivian Kituyi, International Cranes Foundation.

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