Governor Natembeya Allows Health facilities to retain generated revenue

Health facilities in Trans Nzoia County have been allowed to retain generated revenue.

During times of emergency, the funds would be used to procure medical supplies to ensure that services continue to be provided uninterrupted.

Speaking today at the Kachibora Hospital, Governor George Natembeya said his government is committed to upscaling the delivery of health services in the county.

As he emphasized, his administration will not allow poor health services in any facility, insisting that Trans Nzoia residents must receive unremitting and high-quality healthcare within their area.

The governor reiterated his commitment to seeing that all health facilities across the county are provided with sufficient drugs, as well as other non-pharmaceuticals, promptly.

According to him, it is shameful for a public facility to be lacking essential drugs. He also said that managers of such facilities are advised to procure from a variety of suppliers if KEMSA orders are delayed.

He requested hospital management to work tirelessly and ensure that all services offered at the hospital are of the highest quality. This will ensure that the number of patients sent to Kitale referral hospital will be reduced.

In addition, he expressed his desire to expand the Kachibora hospital infrastructure. By taking this step, the hospital would be able to function at its optimum capacity. This is because several machines supplied by the French government were not functioning as the facility lacked adequate space.
An upgrade to the pediatrics department was ordered by the governor, along with the installation of a TV. Additionally, the walls should be painted and the service chart should be completed correctly.
He said doctors should stay within their areas of responsibility to deal with emergency cases.

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