Governor Natembeya asks Graduates to be Job creators and Not seekers

University graduates from Trans Nzoia County have received advice from Governor George Natembeya to utilize their skills in creating jobs instead of solely seeking employment.

He emphasized that white-collar jobs are limited and encouraged the educated class to leverage their expertise to establish their own enterprises.

The governor made these remarks on Thursday during the official opening of a new dispensary and water tower in Birunda, which will benefit locals.

” Education should broaden one’s mindset and create opportunities for job creation, while also offering the option to seek employment”said the Governor.

He emphasized that graduates who solely focus on submitting their resumes daily in pursuit of jobs are no different from individuals who have not received a formal education.

The governor also raised concerns about school principals who expel students due to lack of lunch money.
He mentioned that his administration has sponsored all day-scholar Form One students and questioned why some principals choose to send students away when they cannot afford the lunch program.

Natembeya urged principals to consider alternative options, such as allowing students to carry with them any locally available food, rather than demanding cash.
He emphasized the importance of nurturing the dreams of future leaders, including potential presidents and governors.
Natembeya highlighted the expansion plans for the newly opened dispensary, intending to transform it into a health center to provide enhanced services to the community.

He also pledged to increase the healthcare budget in the upcoming 2023-2024 financial year to procure medications for all hospitals across the county.

The governor further expressed his commitment to making agriculture more profitable and combating hunger in the county. This would involve increasing subsidies for fertilizers and seeds in the next financial year.
He encouraged locals to form groups and apply for the Nawiri funds, a program that aims to provide financial assistance to vulnerable individuals and those in lower socioeconomic classes.

The county government has allocated 102 million shillings for the Nawiri fund this year, which will enable eligible groups to start or expand their businesses.

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