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Governor Natembeya launches Robust Land Reclamation Initiative

In response to the grabbing of public lands, Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya launched a robust land reclamation initiative

Land originally owned by the defunct County Council and municipal councils has been transferred to individuals, according to the county chief. As a result, the county administration has been prevented from building public facilities such as markets.

According to the no-nonsense governor, a portion of the public lands where the County headquarters is located has been claimed by someone. Land grabbing had reached a new level in the county.

He noted that All government-owned lands have already been earmarked by the county’s land planning, housing, and urban development department.

“As the government cannot be intimidated, certain people are already threatening land officials, all seized lands will be reclaimed. I want to tell them that we shall not be intimidated all public lands must be reclaimed,” said the Trans-Nzoia County second governor.

There are a number of lands to be reverted back to the government by Governor Natembeya which he said are for the benefit of residents.

“The grabbed land that we will repossess includes the Town Hall, Sikh Union, Kananach B road reserve, Big Tree Cattle Dip, and Kwanza Azeka Dam in Keiyo Ward among others. I will work round the clock to ensure that they are reclaimed back to the rightful owners who are the public,” he added

The governor was accompanied by Deputy Governor Philomena Kapkory, CEC Lands Jane Rose Mutama County Secretary Truphosa Amere, CEC Public Service management Sam Ojwang members of the County Assembly town planning committee led by Alfred Weswa among other county officials.

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