Governor Natembeya’s Administration Cracks Down on Water Infrastructure Vabdalism


Trans-Nzoia County’s CEC for Water, Sam Ojwang, has issued a stern warning against the destruction of water infrastructure, a vice that has reportedly cost the county millions of shillings. The warning came during Ojwang’s tour of several projects in Endebess Sub County, where he noted that several water projects have been grounded due to vandalism.

The Masamba project was highlighted as a prime example, with its water intake control valves and pipeline destroyed, and tanks, pipes, and valves discarded on the road. Ojwang emphasized that such actions have denied thousands of residents access to the vital commodity of water.

Despite these setbacks, the CEC assured residents that the county will continue implementing water projects across the region and repair existing ones to ensure access to quality piped water. He also revealed plans for the drilling of more boreholes in the county.

Governor George Natembeya’s administration, Ojwang said, is committed to working with the local community to ensure their involvement in the implementation of water projects and other county initiatives. As part of this effort, several committees will be formed to manage water resources in the county.

Ojwang warned residents pushing for division among the community that their days are numbered. He urged residents to use water for its intended purpose, citing illegal irrigation of farms and other misuse of water as significant issues.
In a call to action, Ojwang urged residents to report individuals vandalizing the water infrastructure. He announced that the county will conduct an operation to eliminate illegal connections and curb vandalism, ensuring the preservation of this essential resource for all residents.

Endebess Deputy County Commissioner Stanley Too condemned acts of vandalizing the Masaba Dam and warned that stiffer penalties will be taken against individuals involved.

‘’We will not condone any acts of hooliganism nor vandalism of State or private installations. The Deputy County Police Commander will take decisive action which will leave those involved with great pain’’, said the DCC.

The Deputy County Police Commander Selesio Mwangi who was in attendance said the law enforcement agencies are on the hunt for the culprits and urged residents to volunteer information in regards to the vandalism.

Endebess Assistant County Commissioner David Kirios, Matumei ward representative Margaret Mutai, Endebess Sub County Administrator Dennis Nyukuri , Director for Water Kivaya Mudachi , Endebess Sub County Water officer Bernard Ombiri also attended the function alongside other County and National Government Officials.

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