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Governor Rotich Launches Staff head Count

Elgeyo Marakwet Governor Wisley Rotich has launched a week long staff head count to facilitate staff rationalization for effective service delivery.

The week long staff audit that commenced Monday 13th March, is being undertaken by the Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM).

The Governor said the findings of the audit will be used to update staff records, align staff as per their requisite qualifications, determine skills gaps and training needs as well as those eligible for promotions and re-designations.

“This exercise is not about any witchhunt and so staff should not be worried. I ask all of you to participate and you never know, this audit may be to your benefit,”said Rotich while launching the exercise at the Governor’s Square in Iten.

The Governor however revealed that the exercise was also meant to clarify the never ending question of the existence of ghost workers in the County saying many people had sent him messages claiming there were ghost workers in the County.

“We want to determine this once and for all. We also want to know staff who don’t have clear duties because such staff give the impression that they are ghost workers. We want to align such staff to ensure they work,” he said.

The Governor said the exercise was mandatory for all staff and called on the participation of employees both at the headquarters and in the sub counties to ensure all data is captured by the IHRM team.

The IHRM Team Leader Wycliffe Nyakina, who is IHRM’s Head of Compliance and Quality Assurance, pledged to undertake a professional exercise devoid of any ill will but added that they would lay bare the facts as presented by staff in their final report.

“We have done a similar exercise in Kisii, Migori, Embu and Migori counties. Our brief is to carry out a head count, process the findings and give our recommendations to the Governor and his team for implementation,” he said.

The County Public Service Board led by Member Mr. Johanna Cheptoo together County Assembly Chair of Public Service and Administration and Sambirir MCA Mr. Paul Suter said both institutions support the headcount as it would be independent and credible for use by the institutions.

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