Governors Meet to Drive Sustainable Agriculture and Livestock Production in Kenya

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya and other members of the Council of Governors (COG) gathered at Kilimo House in Nairobi to discuss important issues in the agriculture and livestock sector. The meeting focused on devolving and coordinating ongoing projects, such as the DRIVE, Kenya Livestock Commercialization, and TWENDE projects, to the County Government through County project implementation units.

The meeting also aimed to provide strategic direction for the implementation of the De-risking, Inclusion, and Value Enhancement of Pastoral Economies in the Horn of Africa (DRIVE) project and other livestock-related initiatives. These projects will enable the region to adapt to climate change and commercialize livestock production while ensuring marginalized and vulnerable groups, like women, are included in the sector.

With $572 million in funding in private capital, pastoralists will be able to access drought insurance, savings, and digital accounts while attracting more private investment in pastoral areas. Principal Secretary of Livestock Development Harry Kimtai assured the governors of the department’s commitment to collaborating with counties in implementing donor-funded projects.

Governor Natembeya, however, called for a halt in the implementation of donor-funded projects across the country to review and align them with the constitution. He also urged the State Department for Livestock Development to provide resources to counties for farmer mobilization and training. “We need to ensure that our people benefit from these projects,” Natembeya said.

The meeting was an important step towards empowering pastoralist communities and ensuring sustainable agriculture and livestock production in Kenya.

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