Green Circle Foundation founder and CEO Urges Kenyans to Help a 70 Years Old Homeless Woman

Green Circle Foundation founder and CEO Cate Kirui has urged Kenyans of goodwill to help a 70 years old woman buy a farm and construct a decent house.

The lady Mama Chesang Roselyn is living in a deplorable condition where she can only afford one single meal per day.

“I want to call upon Kenyans of all divide to come out and help this gogo have a decent life since she is suffering. We want to buy a piece of land and construct a decent house for her,” she said.
She says the lady who is a widow depends on well-wishers to make ends meet.

“Before that, we will look for a decent place where she will be living before we construct a house for her to live like other people, the condition is bad which is not meant for humans,” Green Circle Foundation founder and CEO said.

“Shosho we will stand with you since we have many friends who will help you. We will ensure that you have a decent place where you will live. At her age she gets only one meal per day this is sad let’s join hands to make her happy,” she added.

She called on Kenyans who know widows who are suffering to come out for them to be helped.
“If you know anybody who has the same problem come out so that he may be helped,” she said.

Green Circle Foundation is an Environmental initiative, Non-Profit Making Foundation, Advocating for Preserving our Environment, Sensitizing on the effects of Climate change and Global warming.
It is located in Eldoret town, Barngetuny Plaza, and also has its offices in Nairobi- Ngong road.

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