Having been in marriage for three years with no child, i was told to sleep with my father in law to restore my fertility but nothing happened

My name is Daffon Awinja married to Boaz Hainjah from Bagamoyo. We got married many years ago but with no kid yet. I was under pressure as I was discriminated by my neighbors who were back biting against me for lacking a kid yet almost every woman in the village had kids. I felt ashamed and humiliated when I wouldn’t be recognized in any ceremony we attend as I was denied a chance to speak simply because I had no kid. The frustrations were not over as my husband also felt the shame since he was told to leave me and look for a wife that can bear children for him.

The pressure from my parents also came through as they insisted that they wanted to see their grandchildren. My husband felt the pressure and threatened to leave me, a thing that I was against since I loved him the most. The situation forced me to look for ways I can overcome the pressure and decided to visit different hospitals for intervention but all were in vain as nothing really changed. I made the decision of visiting church pastors to pray for me end the problem, but nothing changed as I never got pregnant.

Since nothing changed and the pressure from my hubby compelled, I visited a series of witch doctors who told me to sleep with my father-in-law to end the problem which I did but still I couldn’t get pregnant. I was scared to lose my beloved husband but luckily, a friend who had similar problem and was helped recommended me to look for further help from Kazimotos Doctors. She gave me the number for Dr.Kazimoto and I took the risk and contacted him and informed him about the problem.

I was required to travel to Kitengela for doctor’s intervention. When I arrived there, Dr Kazimoto gave me a detailed explanation on the reason why I couldn’t conceive revealing that Janet, I neighbor I stayed with had used a curse or hex that made me infertile. Dr Kazimoto then prescribed some traditional herbs and performed powerful cleansing rituals upon me that delivered me from the curse. A month later I started feeling signs of pregnancy. Am grateful to Dr Kazimoto for helping me and my husband achieve our dream of having a kid.

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