He dumped me because I was poor, a lady from Rongai cries for help


Nowadays relationships have become so difficult and scam because they are not based on true love but rather based on the amount of money one owns, assets among others. DallyneAwinofrom Rongai revealed how she felt unworthy for dating a senator’s son. She said anytime she would visit her boyfriend, his parents would ask her what she can bring to the family, the state her parents whether they are rich or not, whether they own big companies or so among other questions to demean her.

“Despite being truly in love with Jeff, I felt unworthy and opted to quit from the relationship,” Dallyne revealed. One day when she had gone to visit her lover’s parents, Dallyne decided to open up to them and told them that she was just a poor village girl whose parents died long ago while she was four years and that she was raised by her grandmother who later died while she was in campus.

She revealed that Jeff’s parents became angry on their son and forced him to leave me. On the same day she was called by her lover who then informed her that it’s over between them. Dallyne never said a word since she had known then reason for that. “and I was hurt heartbroken since I had fallen for him,” she exclaimed. She revealed that she was dumped by her boyfriend due to pressure from parents. She was devastated and lacked asleep because how she committed herself to her lover.

She decided to share a story with her friends. She revealed that she was introduced to DrKazimoto from Kitengela Town by one amongst her friends who could help her regain back the love of her heart. She contacted DrKazimoto who managed to bring them back together by use of DrKazimoto’s powerful love spells that worked instantly. A day later she was surprised when she got a call from Jeff pleading for forgiveness, telling her that he really regret for his decision and he was ready to be in love with her. Dallyne was happy about that and really thanked DrKazimoto for restoring her love.


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