He makes all family decisions by his own” Woman decries

Family decisions always need to be discussed by all parties in any marriage. Couples who agree to get into marriage also have the duty and mandate to disusing important family aspects as one.

Faith, 33 year old lady shared her shocking story on how her husband had been making important family decisions without putting her opinions and thoughts into her consideration. They had been in marriage for only two years and she was amused that her husband behaved in a way that she was not such an important person in the marriage. She felt left behind most of the times.

With this condition, her husband had been making a lot of poor decisions and moves which she says she would have fixed if her husband would have consulted her. She was trying all her efforts to ensure things worked but it seemed nothing had been changing. He wanted her to always abide to what he said and though it was good. She felt voiceless despite being in marriage with someone she vowed to live with.
“My husband made all decisions by his own. He never wanted to listen to any of my thoughts and opinions. I felt like I was his slave. I had discussed with him that people in any marriage needed each other but still that did not change him,” he said.

She consulted with his friend on how she they had solved such menace in their respective marriages and they told her that Dr Mugwenu spells was the solution. This was her only remaining hope that she would use to change her husband. She read everything about Dr Mugwenu on www.mugwenudoctors.com and found out that this man had all what she needed to reshape her husband.

At Dr Mugwenu offices, she was offered some spells that were to change her husband to bring a considerate person. In addition, she was assured that her testimony would not spread on news websites and feeds. A week after coming from Dr Mugwenu, she came back to her social media handles to testify how this man spells has changed her husband. In every important family decision, her husband had been considering her thoughts and opinions which showed love unlike before.

“With Dr Mugwenu spells, I now feel am an important part of our family decisions as my husband changed. We share opinions and thoughts to ensure our marriage works well and it is on the right track,” she said.
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