Help Your Partner Deal With Difficult Family Members- Life Coach Benjamin Zulu

You must also be prepared to help your partner deal with difficult family members from their side. Your partner may be a healthy and emotionally balanced person but it doesn’t mean everyone in their family is the same. Most importantly, you must not blame them for the conduct of their kinsfolk especially if your family is better than theirs. You didn’t pluck this person from a tree and you must appreciate the system they originated from and help them deal with whatever is unavoidable.

We’re not justifying enmeshment with someone’s family but we’re not islands. We cannot always completely cut off our people except in cases of extreme pathology and even then we still have to deal with the scars the experiences left in us.

You come together to create a safe haven for both of you and your offspring. You must agree to safeguard that space from infiltration by the drama from your extended families.
The moment you begin to compete on whose family members have received more favors from your resources, all is lost. Better to work as a team and to make joint decisions on what kind of help is needed by whom and what’s the wisest thing to do. If you go behind your partner’s back to do favors to your family you’re endangering this fragile unity and trust.

Many good marriages have been torn apart by the way they handled their extended families and that’s unnecessary and avoidable. The requirement is to work together as a team.

But if you cannot think together and your partner constantly excludes you or they disregard your input, what kind of marriage is that? If you get into a bad deal do not expect the right treatment.

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