Kenya has seen a sharp increase in unemployment corresponding with growing living costs. Many recent college graduates hope to begin their careers as soon as they graduate, yet this wish is often unmet. Through his Betting habit, 27-year-old Steven Etyang has defied the odds and transformed his joblessness into a sizable income. Though the majority of Bettors lose money, he has discovered a way to consistently profit. He tells us the story of how he got to be where he is throughout our discussion. 

“My name is Steve Etyang, and I’m 27 years old. I have a degree in actuarial science, but I’ve had trouble getting a job. I worked a variety of odd jobs to make ends meet before I was hired as a car wash attendant. I decided to try my hand at Betting in the hopes of increasing my small income. Regretfully, I suffered severe losses as a result of this choice, which really disturbed me.

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“I’ve been using SokaFans for the past fifteen months, and it has significantly improved my life. I started with Kes 200  and now have made more over Kes 12 million. My income from Betting has allowed me to pursue my goals of owning a three-bedroom home, my ideal car, and even real estate investment that generate sizable monthly returns. I will never be able to adequately thank SokaFans for the amazing impact they have made on my life. You are passing up a fantastic chance if you are a gambler and you haven’t yet profited from SokaFans. I can state with confidence that this prediction tool is genuine and reliable,” he adds.

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