Hill School Girls Eldoret a Nosediving Academic Giant


Hill School Girls Eldoret has been on a downward spiral for the past four years. In the 2023 KCSE results the school has registered a mean score of 5.51 a deep drop from last year’s 6.57.

The examination results came as a stinker to the residents of Kesses sub-County following the ever-nosediving performance of their only extra county girls’ school. In 2022 KCSE the school scored a mean score of 6.57 with only 8 students managing a B plain. While in the just released 2023 only two students were leading with B+ two had B plain, 24 had B- and 23 c+.

In 2022, there were no As, No A-, and No B+ leaving parents wondering why the school’s performance was deteriorating. Although the mean score was up from 6.25 in 2021 to 6.57 the previous year, the meaningful grades were quickly disappearing.

In 2021 only four leading students had B+ while in the results of 2022 the only eight leading students scored a mean grade of B plain.

There are zero B + students this year. The school was one of the best-performing schools in the country.

Parents are heaping blame on the poor management of the school under the school’s principal Anastasia Tirop and the academic committee chair in BOM, Mr Kemboi who is also the school PA chair and signatory to the school account for over five years.

A form four parent who chose to remain anonymous for fear of victimization says the school is run without transparency. “The principal does not involve parents and teachers in most of her decisions. She does not accommodate new innovative ideas that seek to improve the academic performance of the school, this is the reason behind the school performing poorly.”

The school board is not in touch with the operation of the school. Asked to name the school board chair, one of the senior teachers in the school said she had no idea. “For the more than four years I have taught in the school, no one has bothered to introduce the school board members to us. “She said adding that most of the teachers are demotivated.

Another worried form three parent says the Parents Association is under represented in the school BOM. “I have not seen any parent being seconded to the school BOM from the parent’s fraternity, “he said.
An immediate former student of the school says the food ratio is way below the needs of the students. “One cannot be expected to perform well on an empty stomach.”

Hill School Girls Eldoret is one of the families of Hill Schools who trace their lineage to the United Kingdom. Hill school was founded with vast land and infrastructure to serve the children of colonial masters before independence. It used to perform well but now it is a pale shadow of its former glory and its founders would not want to identify with it anymore. The girl school has been battling out sibling rivalries with the sister Hill School Primary school which had coexisted peacefully for years.

The formerly shared facilities like sporting facilities and teachers quotas are no longer being shared because according to some teachers speaking with anonymity, the heads of the two institutions do not see eye to eye. Some teachers and current parents are wondering why the facilities are no longer being shared.

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