Homabay Parents Warned Against Protesting When Teachers are Transferred


Homabay County Commissioner Moses Lilan has warned parents who are protesting against the transfer of teachers.
This comes from parents who protested the transfer of Ober High School principal, Tom Odhiambo Mboya.

Lilan said the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is in pursuit of ensuring excellent performances in schools by conducting a routine change in head teachers in many schools.

“I believe that the TSC is a professional entity and anytime they do changes in schools it is informed by the regulations governing teacher transfers, therefore parents should not demonstrate if their principal is transferred.” Said the County Commissioner.

Noting that the behavior of parents and stakeholders going into schools to close gates and the schools are not warranted. Further adding in the event that there is any issue raised with TSC or the ministry of education people should consider better ways to handle the news.

“We want to ask that our schools remain peaceful, where there are changes, the changes are done of course with the best interest of schools and the community having been taken into count,” Lilan said.

Last month, TSC announced a mass transfer affecting 14,613 teachers during the commission’s delocalization policy which started four years ago. Teachers’ transfers are meant to foster the performances and stability of the schools involved.

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