Homabay Women Representative Gladys Wanga’s Billboard Vandalised

The campaign billboard for the Homabay gubernatorial aspirant Gladys Wanga has been vandalized..

Through here official Facebook page Wanga condemned the incident terming it as out f order and ill intended.

“Last night our billboard in Oyugis town was vandalized. We strongly condemn these acts of violence and hooliganism by our opponents who have sensed defeat and hence resorted to these cowardly acts,” said thee Homabay women representatives.

Wanga called on the security personnel to take tern actions against tall those involved.

“We call upon law enforcement to move with speed and apprehend the culprits. #Genowa is a movement of the people, by the people and for the people. We shall not be cowed or distracted. We soldier on,” she added.

Her post recieved mixed reactions here are some of their comments.

Moses Nyukuri wrote “Your name is written in the hearts of the people, don’t mind so much on the billboards, focus on God, He will fight all your battles. He has won everything for you if you such things happening.:,”

Ken Brian says “When will Magwanga understand that he will never be governor of Homabay! That energy he used to take party from one court to the other, he could have saved for this campaign. It is over for him, he can join the likes of Odwol and Ochuodho in retirement peacefully,”

Steve says “Shame on them, Genowa movement is Unstoppable, we will never retreat or surrender…. The war is still on and we shall defeat them with a large margin come August# Genowa,”

Bernard Mbuya says “Vandalism is an old political girmick that has no space in present Kenya and as much as I don’t support a candidate I only have one tool to remove him/her and that’s my vote,”

Dickson wrote “The archaic politics that Magwanga has been doing for years must be condemned. I guess it’s because of his pathetic education levels and irredeemable ignorance. Jaksi no onego odwok e got kama negiae,”

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