How A Millenial Aged 21 Years Managed To Own Her Dream House

Norah Mueni is the sole owner of a huge Bungalow house located at the heart of the huge city of Nairobi. The 21 year old was inspired to build a house after they were excommunicated by their in-laws when their parent’s died sometimes in 2014 and left them with nothing.
“When I first presented my idea to own a house to my siblings, they told me that my dream would be impossible to achieve since we were poor,” saidMueni.
The words of discouragement from Mueni’s siblings did not discourage her from attaining her dream. She became more determine to disapprove them.
“Towards the end of May of 2018, I met with a friend of mine from high school who informed me that she was thinking of consulting a witch doctor to better her life. From that meeting, I learnt that a powerful herbalist known as KAZIMOTO DOCTORS existed,” said Norah.
Norah sought the help of the herbalist and asked him to grant her the one thing she had been dreaming of ever since she was young. The witch doctor performed a spell and awarded Norah with a star that would bring good luck and prosperity to her life.
“The good luck spell performed by KAZIMOTO DOCTORS changed my life for the better. That year, I had great success. I got an ambassadorial job that later fuelled the construction of my Bungalow house “,said Norah.
Norah is currently making boss moves all thanks and achieving great success.
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