How Dr. Mugwenu Saved Me From Unending Loans

My name is Benson, a married and responsible father with a beautiful wife and adorable children living within the city. I’m currently working in Industrial Area trying to irk a living just like any other ordinary Kenyan.

I must admit that my working period in Industrial Area has been subjected to financial torture resulting to unpredictable challenges that my family had been prone to.

I work in a plastic factory in Industrial Area where we have workers Sacco that comes in handy to save its members from financial constraints. Being a worker in the factory, I was obliged to join the Sacco and save some cash to lay a better future for my family.

After some few months of garnering some valuable savings that could make me eligible to qualify for a loan, I took a loan of Ksh100,000. I had planned to boost my second hand clothes selling business that was rolling on its knees and glaring to collapse for facing financial challenges.

After taking the loan, you can’t imagine that I wasted the money in taking alcohol and having fun with other women in drinking brothels without even commissioning a single project.

My friends laughed at me and my wife even threatened to divorce me for being a careless man who doesn’t value the space of his family and the future of his children.

To get rid of the shame that had embroiled me, I engaged some few Shylocks in the factory to offer some impromptu loans that will cater my needs.

In total, I acquired a loan amounting to Ksh60,000 from Shylocks. On the same gear, I sent Ksh30,000 to my side chick who wanted to buy an expensive phone and the remaining Ksh30,000 was splashed to other women in entertainment joints.

These bottlenecking loans plunged me into depression as I was not getting anything every end month. I wasn’t even able to pay my rent. My wife took the children to her parents in rural.

I was left without anything. The only option remaining was to commit suicide. Fortunately, my friend who had gone such a condition but got helped approached me and referred me to Dr. Mugwenu who diligently sorts such problems.

Without wasting time, I visited Dr Mugwenu at his offices to get some help so that I can get off the hood of financial debts that were bottlenecking me. I was attended to appropriately and the following day, the company restrained the Sacco from deducting our salaries in the name of loan repayment since they had cleared every employee’s loan as away by providing incentives to motive hard working employees.

The Shylocks consequently wrote off my loans under unclear explanation and I reverted back to my previous financial state. My wife came and we now living happily without loans succumbing us.

I am taking this opportunity to tell anyone having similar problems visit Dr. Mugwenu at and your problems shall be solved.


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