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How I became senior sales manager

Hello, am George Ndiragu from Nairobi and I was really struggling to get a
promotion. I was working in a company that dealt with selling of Koko products.
At first, it was really difficult because the company had huge expectations and it
was a bit hard to convince people to use Koko. The pay was also small but as were
campaigned for Koko products the mass showed interest in the products and as the
sales grew our pay increased bit by bit.
I usually had the dream of becoming senior sales manager because I had real
persuasion power because all the people I talked to about Koko products resulted
in buying them. However, due to the covid 19 pandemic I was laid off from work
and I had to find another job. It was really hard for me to find a job at that time
because of the curfew and also the competition from others who wanted jobs.
After suffering for a long time, I decided to contact KAZIMOTO DOCTORS
whom I believed would help me find a job. I was introduced to KAZIMOTO
DOCTORS by a friend, Martha, who was helped to find a soul mate. KAZIMOTO
DOCTORS assured me that they would assist me find a job.
True to their word, I received a call from the headquarters of Koko Products
requiring me to avail myself for an interview. I was glad but I wondered why the
same company needed my services. When I arrived, I had the interview and
afterwards they said they would call me.
A week after, they called me and informed that I was their new senior sales
manager. They explained to me that no one else had ever attained the sales I had
made and so they saw it worthy to appoint me as their senior sales manager.
I really thank KAZIMOTO DOCTORS for their efforts in helping me secure a job
and I would urge anyone looking for a job to contact 0741930918
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