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How I earned my promotion

Hello, am Rich Macharia from Kenol and I worked as a promoter of products and at times I would advertise them on the TVs. Many were the times I advertised detergents and kitchen utensils. However, the business was not doing so well and I was laid off by my boss as he claimed that there were no clients. I tried explaining
to him that I needed that job desperately but he could not do anything.

I tried looking for other companies to recruit me to advertise their products but they had no space. Time passed on and I grew fat that no company wanted me to advertise their products. I was left to work as casual laborer in the bakeries and maize flour companies.

However, the hard situation did not do away with my passion and dream of advertising, because as I worked in the maize flour companies, I still looked for employment in advertising companies. Unfortunately, I had not found an
advertising job and I had to stick with the hard work I was doing in the mills to pay bills.

A friend of mine, Nathan, advised me to seek the help of KAZIMOTO DOCTORS whom he believed would be able to help me find an advertising job. Nathan said to me that KAZIMOTO DOCTORS had helped him find an accountancy job and so he believed they would help me too.

KAZIMOTO DOCTORS swore to help me find the job of my dreams. After a week, I was contacted by Itel mobile phones offering me to be their brand ambassador in Kenya. I was very happy to get such a huge job. I organized myself
and I was ready to market the product.

Since then I have been receiving very many contracts of advertising. I really thank KAZIMOTO DOCTORS for helping me secure a job and I would urge anyone looking for a job to contact 0741930918

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For consultations call: KAZIMOTO DOCTORS 0741930918

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