How I Got A State Appointment Months after Elections without Giving any Bribes

My name is Fred and I recently got the most lucrative job in Kenya. I will begin working in one of the ministries in Nairobi after receiving state appointment. I am so excited because I will be earning millions as my salary is six figure and I will also be given many benefits such as a house and a state car.

However, life has not always been this kind to me because as after I finished my university studies seven years ago, I tried looking for a job for close to four years and I decided to go back to school to see if getting more studies would help me get a job.

I got my Masters but still, I tarmacked for two more years while knocking to every office but I was turned away while those who even had less education than me got the job post. Back home, my parents were suffering because they had used all their money to educate me but I was not finding job so that I could take of them as my gratitude for what they had done to me.

During a get-together party with my former university classmates, I met one of my best friends from campus who was driving. It was easy to tell that he was living such a good life. I asked him how he had managed to make money in such a short time after leaving school. He told me that he also suffered until he was helped by a traditional herbalist known as Doctor Kazimoto who uses spells to help youths get a job.

I thus contacted the doctor on +254741930918and asked him for a spell that would enable me get agood job because I was so tired of staying jobless. I went to see the doctor the following day and he cast for me the magical job luck spell which changed my life forever.

Because of the spell, the next day, I received an email from the office of the president telling me I had been appointed in a superior ministry. I could not believe it when I got the news. I am now an instant millionaire and thanks Doctor Kazimoto, I will also wield a lot of power in the ministry and will be leaving close to the CS of the ministry.

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