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How I got My First Child After Years of Childlessness

Joy narrates here story how she was termed as an outcast after he was not able to get a child.
My name is joy from Kilifi County, I got married to husband 5 years ago but since then we haven’t gotten a child.

This had made me to be in bad terms with my in-laws who have always urged my husband to marry another wife saying that I am wasting his time.

He was confused, and he started looking for a second wife. That left me feeling unworthy and at a point I wanted to take my life away but my friends always visited and made me forget all the stress I had.

I went to various hospitals and after I underwent some tests I was told that I cannot conceived and have a child, this discouraged me too much and I thought it was the end of my life.

The condition continued and it became more worse since my husband was now listening to his
family and was ready to divorce me if I could not give him a kid.
I was stressed not knowing what to do since I had used the drugs given by doctors gave me but still I had not conceived.
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