How I Overcame Masturbation Dagoreti Teen Joyfully Narrates

Masturbation is a common addiction faced by many youths nowadays and sadly I was one of them. For the last decade I had been struggling with this unethical habit which started back in high school. It started as a joke but later on slowly by slowly progressed to addiction. I would do it telling myself that this was my last attempts but again find myself doing it over and over again. The matter of taking pleasure issues into myself would give me an abnormal feeling that no woman would give me. I slowly started losing interest in women and I could never quote any girl.

Arimis became my closest companion as I would use it every night before going to bed to lubricate my private parts so as to make my process of masturbation easy and enjoyable as I considered it. I would watch pornographic skits from trending websites to arouse myself and the habit became more than addiction. Many girls would crush on me and some of them even seducing me but I never fell into their traps, I would chase them away claiming that I was loyal to my woman, a woman that I never had. Maybe I considered “arimis” as my woman. During nights, I would send money to women who would sell their nude videos on Tiktok and Instagram lives and use them to arouse myself and musrtabate.
The situation worsened and upon many attempts to stop I was unable to until Tom a good friend of mine introduced me to KAZIMOTO DOCTORS from Kitengela town who had previously helped many with similar issues. I contacted Dr KAZIMOTO via the mobile number +254741930918. At first I felt ashamed of narrating my issue to him but he told me to fear nothing and not be ashamed since it was a common problem facing my teens. He performed his Powerful Cleansing Rituals and used traditional herbs and concoctions that made me feel relieved within a couple of days. It’s now been two years since I last mustabated. I now live a happy life with my girlfriend Julia thanks to the help of KAZIMOTO DOCTORS.

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