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How My Lost Taxi Was Recovered, This is What I Did

John Kanjo cries foul after his Taxi vehicle was stolen by a person who purported to hire it.
He says he had been operating his taxi in Eldoret town one person who said came from Nairobi said he
wanted to hire the vehicle where he was traveling to Bungoma for a burial service.

I gave him and we agreed but something funny instead of the person paying Sh 4500 he paid Sh 7000
which shocked me but I agreed to give him.

He went with my vehicle where he was supposed to return it by 7:00pm but he was not reachable which disturbed me because I had another customer at the airport.

I called and called and called until my phone became hot but he was not reached. I reported the matter to the police station but it did not borne any Fruits.

I decided to contact KAZIMOTO DOCTORS for help. He trusted KAZIMOTO DOCTORS because they had
helped him beat ulcers.
I would also urge anyone looking for his lost items to contact0741930918.

KAZIMOTO DOCTORS assured me that he would have his motorbike back by the end of the week. True
to their word, the thieves returned the motorbike very early in the morning. The thieves were arrested
and sentenced to jail.

I really thank KAZIMOTO DOCTORS for bringing back the motorbike that will help me earn my livelihood.

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