How to Deal With Narcissists -Benjamin Zulu Life Coach

The quickest way to know if you’re dealing with the deranged creatures called narcissists is to simply watch their reaction when you say no, when you cannot meet their expectations in the moment, when you set a boundary, when you cannot do what they wanted.

Narcissists hate restrictions or assertiveness of any kind. That’s why they target very polite and soft people but once that person begins to speak up they flare in a rage claiming that you’re disrespectful or some people are ‘poisoning your mind.’ If they cannot respect your reservations or treat you with decency especially when they’re angry, run. That’s not a temper problem ‘which they need your helo to deal with’ but a manipulative tool.

If they threaten to kill themselves or you should you leave them, never stay with them one more day.

That’s a textbook sign of a narcissistic manipulator. If they storm out of the relationship because you stood your ground on an issue and then later they try to hoover back into your life by assuming nothing happened or by saying they’re ‘working on themselves,’ that’s a hundred per cent confirmation as well.

They created such extreme emotional tensions to keep you off balance and maintain control.

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