How to Identify and Avoid a Cult-Reuben Kigame

A cult will always deviate your attention from the truth.For example,instead of glorifying Jesus Christ, they will glorify the founder of the cult. Instead of reading the Bible, they will read books written by the founder. Instead of seeking God’s face, they will seek the experience.

A cult will always teach the wrong doctrine. Jesus died on the cross and He is alive but they may tell you He never died. John 3:16 says whosoever believes will not perish but a cult may teach that heaven is only for 144,000 people.

On calling your pastor/spiritual leader “dad” or “mum”: It is OK to respect and honour your spiritual leader, but there is a very thin line here.When honouring Christ is overtaken by the honour for your pastor, then it becomes idolatry. Check how much time you spend talking to and about God VS your pastor/spiritual leader.

Also check how much of your resources you are giving to your pastor. If you give much more than you have ever given to your parents or to any other ministry, or if you offer to buy your pastor a car, and yet he already has two or more than enough, there is a problem.

Watch out when you have problems in your life. Cults are very keen to take advantage of your problems.They offer quick ‘fixes’ to all of your issues.

If you realize today that you are in a cult, the best thing to do is leave. It may not be easy, but find the courage to leave and save your property, your money,your life, and your soul.

Have a personal Bible reading plan.The more you read the word of God, the more it will protect you from deception.Cross check any group or church through relevant,sober people and the internet before you join them. Do enough research to make sure they preach and teach the true word of God.

We should be compassionate to those who have been duped into cults. Stop shouting at them, blaming them,or calling them names. Talk to them out of it but in a kind way. Walk with them and be patient with them.

If you really want to help somebody, you will be gentle and befriend them instead of isolating them. Reach out to them. This does not only apply to cultic behaviours, but also to family; parents and their children, or friends who may be going through anything unusual.

Not everything on TV, radio, or social media is necessarily from God. If you see filth or find deceptive content, switch it off.You may be discerning but your child is not. Let us protect ourselves and our children.

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