How To Scale Up Your Career- Benjamin Zulu

1. Content creation increases your surface area for luck. It expands your contact points with fortune. It raises the chances of a resourceful person spotting you. Stop living a closed life. Whatever your field is, find a way to expand your life by dispensing useful information to people. You have a free TV in your hands: your mobile device.

2. Aim at earning six figures monthly, which means at least 100,000 in your local currency. Studies show that in today’s economy this is the only kind of income that can afford you a decent lifestyle and essential utilities like your own home and health insurance.

3. Study a degree or diploma based on in-demand skills. Don’t just pursue what you love. Pursue what is needed today because you won’t be working for yourself anyway. Even if you open your own business, you won’t be your customer. Self-discovery is important but market discovery is also as important. Undertake both personality tests and market surveys to align what the market needs with what you’re naturally good at.

4. Replace movie series with documentary series. Educational documentaries and biographies of great achievers, that is, not just crime and murder series. You’re trying to feed your dreams, not nightmares!

5. Develop a high-income skill. These are not taught in any college because they evolve day by day and they’re always innovative and entrepreneurial. How to identify yours: perfect the art of solving a problem that is perennial in your industry, like selling premium products. Invest in acquiring the knowledge and go all out in experimenting. You stand to lose nothing except appearing awkward in the beginning. Let’s say you’re a junior radio journalist running a little-known show and you want to transform into a million-dollar journalist. That means bringing big names onto your show and marketing for big companies. You start rather indirectly by developing two resourceful skills you know they will appreciate: a charming personality and a perfect voice. You transform your grooming, you work on your diction and voice behaviour, you exercise confidence on air, and you learn engaging techniques with your audience. After just a year, you begin to knock at the doors of the big clients and, to your surprise, they’re more welcoming to you now.

You were the lid all along.

6. Make friends with entrepreneurs and investors, especially those of your age group since there are fewer barriers between you. Start by offering them free assistance for errands or data entry tasks, just to gain a camel neck entry. After you’ve seen the inside of their life and learnt a thing or two, you can move to the next person. The contacts you’re making and the informal survey you’re doing will eventually land you in an area you will naturally thrive.

7. Preparation and planning are half the job.
Your day begins the day before. The championship is won in rehearsals.
Never call yourself a ‘last minute person,’ or say you ‘work best under pressure.’ Working under stress is never good for your system.
This is a reactionary and ineffective way of working. You can learn to prepare and manage your energy without outside pressure. This helps you achieve more with less stress.

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