How to Tell Between a Woman of Substance From one Who is Only After Your Substance

There are women who wear makeup, and they look all dolled up and charming, but without that mask, they have no presence. They’re just ‘there.’ But how can you tell this when she’s always in makeup when you meet? And no, it’s not doing a sleepover because by that point, you’ll have entered her kitchen and gotten chained to the oven. Remember, the worst thing you can do with women is to imagine you’re always in control of her and the relationship. Just maintain caution and know that there are ‘wrong numbers’ of women in this jungle. They’re empty and fierce. They’re a walking trap, and many giants have fallen at their hands.

This is the difference and what you shall look for before you let a woman step into your inner life; feminine grace. A solid woman beams with compassion, insight, and patience whether she has makeup on or not. This energy is not hard to detect if you’re looking for it. Especially because women who don’t have it behave like you owe them something from the time you say ‘hello,’ or they start cheap mind games to get into your life.

They know they’re empty and they must get in quickly before you realise it, and once they’re in they start fighting off any other female including your mother lest someone open your eyes to the raw deal you’re getting from her.

Feminine energy is different from charm or physical beauty. Curvy and stylish women can confuse you if your testosterone is untamed, but after while, you detest the woman who you had charmed you because physical desire alone is shallow and shortlived. A woman who has grace will have poise and depth in her look, and in her presence, you will feel seen and validated. She accepts you as you are while still inspiring you to become all you can be. This is the difference between the two feminine species.

The one wants all you have; the other wants you to become all you can. One is an inherent taker, the other is an inherent giver. One is a nurturer, and the other is a vampire.

How to get to the nurturer? Tame your loins and learn to hold off intimacy even when offered for free. Cheap women have used sex to trap great men since times immemorial. Until you can interact with women without getting sexual with them, you will remain an easy target to Delilahs, and your fate will be that of Samsons and Solomons. Greatly gifted, regrettably fallen.

Courtesy Benjamin Zulu

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