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Huruma MCA Condemns the Harassment of Traders by County Askaris

Huruma Member of County Assembly Wakili Kimani Wanjohi has accused Uasin Gishu County enforcement officers of assaulting and harassing member’s business community in Eldoret town.
Speaker to the press the Huruma Ward MCA the move is uncalled for and should be condemned with the strongest terms possible.

“It is sad that the county enforcement officers have been assaulting the bussiness Community something we can’t allow. First, our enforcement team does not have the checks and balances to ensure the use of force since the force applied should be consummate to the intended purpose.” Wakili Kimani Wanjohi said while speaking to the press.

Calling out the dreaded team commonly known as koita harassing traders, the MCA called out some supporters of the governor about more than 30 individuals who go around the county with the governor’s blessings extorting money and bribes from licensed traders while others demand sexual favors in exchange of freedom to trade or have their goods confiscated, yet they are already licensed and are allocated stalls for trade.

“There are people who came with the governor’s blessings, people who call themselves Koita. I don’t know where they came from but it is said they campaigned for the governor in this county. It is good to have supporters but they should not take the law into their hands and harass people in this county. We have received news there are more than 30 individuals who go about harassing traders engaging in their daily routine in Huruma ward. They extort money and collect bribes from licensed traders and if they don’t, their goods are confiscated. Some of them go the extra mile and demand sexual favors from the traders.” Wakili Wanjohi added.

Highlighting the challenges faced by nonlocals who are the minority in Uasin Gishu County, the lawyer come, the politician stated the persecution faced by traders from the County enforcement team whose director is in office illegally contrary to the legal requirements in place.

“If we go to the business community, we do reckon that we are somehow the minority, but with that our few numbers we do acknowledge our rights to live in this county like any other citizen. Why should we criminalize enterprises and confiscate goods for traders while others are beaten mercilessly with clubs? There is a Vitz vehicle being used to commit these atrocities. The other day they broke a person’s arm and the director of enforcement is illegally in the office with no proper requirements as the law says they should have a superintendent in any disciplined force yet he occupies this office without proper requirements.” The Huruma Ward MCA said.

Addressing the issue, Uasin Gishu police commander Moses Mureithi said they have received complaints on various issues affecting residents and they are following up and conducting investigations before the perpetrators are arraigned in court.

“There are complaints about people being assaulted in this town and we’ve gotten reports these cases are with us, we are following up on all these cases, and we are investigating them to come up with enough evidence from the ODPP before they are taken to court. We plead with the public to continue working with us to ensure our great county is secure,” he said.

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