Huruma Ward (Uasin Gishu) MCA Decries Increased Insecurity as 30 Houses are Broken Into and Women Raped

More than 30 houses have been broken into and women raped by a gang of thieves at Huruma Estate in a span of one week.

According to Huruma ward MCA Peter Chomba cases of insecurity in the area have increased since President Uhuru Kenyatta declared dawn to dusk curfew. 

“Thieves  have recently  broken into over thirty  houses injuring the owners with Pangas stealing electronics, money and phones and at the same time  raping innocent women,” said the Huruma Ward MCA as he spoke to the press in Eldoret town. 

The Jubilee party MCA reiterated that the thieve are young men aged 17 to 25 years.

“The estates that have been badly affected including  Mwiyenderi, Huruma, Shauri, Kingongo  and West Indies  areas where thieve break into their houses as early as 7:30 Pm where they steal at their own pace,” Chomba added.

He said that a  man who  was badly attacked and his head chopped off by the said gangsters was recently buried. 

Chomba noted that some shops in town which were closed to prevent COVID-19  and those that are operational  are being broken into during curfew hours emptying their stocks from their shops which has made the business community very angry as no security is accorded to their property during curfew hours.

According to the Huruma Ward residents their big worry is not COVID-19  but it is  getting killed, injured or your family member raped while you are watching.

He said residents are now sleeping in shifts of six hours each scared of their houses being broken into while they are asleep.

“We appreciate everything President Uhuru Kenyatta is doing for us. We are following all the laid down rules he has put in place. We know he means well  in protecting  our lives. Things would  be very different in the country if it is not for his good, timely decisions thousands of Kenyans would have died from Covid-19 by now,” said Chomba.

The Huruma MCA urged the police to carryout regular patrols on the said estates  since people are living in fear not knowing when they will be attacked. 

“Police usually do patrols up-to  8:00 pm then they go to sleep thinking that everybody has slept, they should enhance their patrols to 5:00 am to secure the lives of residents,”  said Chomba. 

He called on the County Commissioner to construct one police station the soonest in the ward saying it  will reduce  cases of insecurity in the ward.

“Over the years the community living in Huruma ward have requested the government to build a police station at Mwiyenderi  estate  which has not happened. This time round we see some efforts from the County Commissioner Abdirisack Jaldesa and we hope and believe that he  remain positive in a police station being put in the Ward, ” said the Huruma Ward MCA.

Chomba wondered  why Huruma ward is the most populated Ward in Uasin Gishu County  with over 31,000 registered voters but don’t have a police station yet some Wards with less than 6,000 voters have two police stations in a Ward.

“In 2007-2008 during  the tribal clashes a number of people were killed at Huruma Estate, if there was a police station at the time  such incidences would not have taken place. We wonder what criteria is used  in order for a ward to qualify for a police station,” he added.

Chomba said since 2009 the residents have been  making proposals yearly for a police station to be constructed.

He said the former Uasin Gishu County commissioner Abdi Hassan  had been given one acre piece of land public utility given by the community at Mwiyenderi for the construction of a police station but up-to now nothing has been done. 

“As residents of Huruma we thank Uasin Gishu County Commissioner Abdirisack Jaldesa  and County commander of police Johnston Ipara for their efforts in fighting COVID-19 and the security part of it, but the police officers who are supposed to implement what the two have been talking about are doing contrary. If their words were followed  cases of insecurity could be a thing of the past,” said the Huruma Ward MCA.

Chomba said the junior police officers need to be serious with the issue of insecurity if they want to fight it once and for all. 

He noted that those police officers concerned with security at ward levels should pull up their  socks.

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