I Almost Missed My Lucrative Job in the US Due to Difficulties in Getting a VISA but This Is What I Did to Get it in 2 Days


My name is Nathan and a month ago, an uncle of mine who lives in the United States asked me to get him my CV as a good job opportunity had come up at the company where he worked. I thought he was just bluffing but I did send my papers to him hoping he was not raising my hopes for nothing.

Two days after I sent him my papers on email; he called me to tell me the most exciting news.

“Nathan you have gotten the job. You just need to come here in the next two weeks and you will start immediately. You will be earning more than KSh 300,000,” my uncle told me.

I could not believe it. How I had gotten that lucrative opportunity was a miracle but the hardest part going to the US embassy to get a VISA. I thought that since I had a ready job, it would be easy to get the document but I was mistaken. Once at the embassy, I realized getting the VISA was hard as the interviews were hard and the officials needed bribes.

I went there twice and I was denied the visa which was very frustrating as I needed to travel as soon as possible. I was at a dead end and I was scared my job in the US would be taken away. I called my uncle and told him the difficulties that I was facing.

“Nathan, it is not easy to get a VISA to the US. So the best thing is to get a luck spell from renowned traditional doctor Kazimoto who in fact helped me with my visa troubles,” my uncle told me.

I immediately dialed his number which was +254741930918 and asked the doctor for his help to get a VISA. The following day, I went to his place of work and he cast a luck spell for me. He told me his luck spell was so powerful such that the visa would be released in less than 2 hours.

He was completely right as the following day, I actually got a call from the embassy which asked me to go pick my visa. I was so excited and within 24 hours I was already on a flight to the US for my new life. I am truly grateful for all the help that Doctor Kazimoto accorded me.

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