I Became aLaughing Stock After My Husband Started Sleeping with Women from Our Neighborhood

When I got married to my husband seven years ago, I did not know that he was a community husband who loved having sex with every woman who crossed his path. He had this insatiable hunger for sex and though we would have it almost thrice a day, he was still unsatisfied.

The fact that he could barely control his sexual desires made the problem even worse as he had to cheat. When he started being the neighborhood’s community husband I was not aware. This is because he managed to keep sexual escapades under wraps and he did not let anyone find out, much less myself.

But the more women, he slept with, the more people started talking especially about me. I would go to the market to buy some food and I would be met with deadly stares from the neighbors who spoke about me in hush tones.
“Look at her! Her husband sleeps with any woman he can get and yet she does not know! Ataletewamagonjwa,” I heard women discussing about me.

I was so hurt because it was evident that I had now become the laughing stock of the community due to my husband’s behavior. My first instinct was that I should dump my husband because his behavior was disgusting. But when I informed my parents about it, they told me that was a stupid reason to leave my marriage.

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