I discovered that she was not my type after marriage,,,but now I’m stuck and truly love her- a man narrates how a native doctor transformed him

I wanted a woman who was hardworking, assertive and open-minded but I was unlucky and met the opposite of what I wanted. I had been single for a long time. I was very unlucky until I met my wife Celine. I’m Tom Clinton 31 years old from Narok. I have been married for three years and blessed with one girl child.

Our relationship had not been smooth sailing, I met her at a time when I was inexperienced in matters to do with relationships. I had a clue about a kind of a woman I wished to marry but I never had an opportunity to meet one. When I met her we rushed things, we had unprotected sex and that’s why she got pregnant.

I had no option other than marrying her since her parents threatened to take actions against me for failure to marry their daughter whom I had impregnated. I never got the opportunity to date her and know her well. After two years of our marriage, I started realizing that we were not meant for each other. We couldn’t have a meaningful conversation with her. I got frustrated over her and started cheating on her with other women.

She then noticed since I rarely came to the house late, spent much of money to women and friends. I denied her sexual rights among other things that wasn’t pleasant to her. She asked me about it and never responded back. I suddenly started changing all the unwanted behaviors I had. I quit from cheating my love and remained loyal to her.

I never knew the cause for me changing, but one when I was going through her phone while she was sleeping I came across a call recorder conversation with her friend Trizza telling her how Dr.Kazimototo a traditional herbal doctor from Kitengela Town transformed me upon performing his love spells. In the recording, I heard her saying that she contacted Dr.Kazimoto who offered a long lasting solution after she noticed I never loved her and I just married her because of the kid. But after intervention by Dr Kazimoto all changed.

I personally thanked Dr.Kazimoto for transforming me as now I recognize her as my one and the only wife. I recommend Dr Kazimoto to anybody who’s having love related problems to contact Dr Kazimoto for further assistance. Call +254741930918
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