“I Fell For A Con Artist Out of Desperation For Marriage” Kisumu Lady Recounts Losing Kshs. 700,000 To A Man, Reveals What She Did to Recover it in Full

While I was looking for a man to settle with, Paul Maina was looking for a woman to meddle with. He used his charms on me, got my hopes up, took advantage of my loneliness and my age and proposed within a month. I was desperate, and he knew it. At 33, my clock was ticking towards sunset, and Paul said everything I wanted to hear, showed me exactly what I wanted to see in a potential husband and walked away with my 700,000 worth of savings.

He played a game, one where he dictated the rules and won, temporarily. I met Paul in a supermarket. He approached me and asked about Detergents, saying he was confused as to which to buy between the many brands. I gave him my honest opinion (Sunlight), unaware that I was being lured in. He asked for my number, after throwing several compliments about my hair, eyes and perfume. He called moments later, saying he wanted to buy me coffee at a popular joint in Kisumu. That is when the game began, when he shared about his feelings, his past, his future plans and how much I fit into his master plan.

Am not sure how he got hold of my Equitel Pin number, but he withdrew every coin in my Equity Bank Savings account. By the time I called my sister crying, he had gone underground. How stupid of me to think a man I barely knew was going to spend the rest of his life with me. What’s done is done. My sister helped, a lot. She gave me the contact of a native doctor called KAZIMOTO DOCTORS, who swiftly uncovered his location and moments later, Paul called, saying his bladder was so swollen he couldn’t walk.

He had to find someone to give them the money to deposit it back into my account. A hefty fine was also imposed by KAZIMOTO DOCTORS. Thanks to their expertise, I didn’t just recover my money but also used their incredible love spells to find myself a partner. Am currently dating, with a view to marriage, but this time, I intend to take my time. Better safe than sorry and more significantly, once bitten twice shy.

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