I found my wife moaning while having sex with my cousin who had come to visit us


A week ago, my cousin who was like a brother to me called me and asked me if he could come to stay in my place for a couple of days because he wanted to attend a job interview that was near my home.

I was so happy to welcome him in my home and I asked my wife to prepare for him the guest house so that he could feel comfortable. He was like a brother to me and I loved him so much,

However, I did not know the cousin would go and stab me in the back by stealing my wife and sleeping with her. The next day, I decided to go home early enough because I wanted to go and keep him company and also catch up with him. On reaching home, I found the house in extremely loud music. I walked silently to the bedroom only to hear my cousin and my wife fucking.

“Naskia utamu I literally wanted to die in that moment. Their betrayal hurt me so bad. I did not even have the strength to confront them. I just went outside and sobbed bitterly. I then remembered of a traditional herbalist I had heard about. His name is Doctor Mugwenu and he dealt with such kind of matters. I called him immediately on 0740637248 and asked him to cast a getting stuck spell for my wife and cousin to get stuck while having sex.

He was so swift that in a matter of minutes, my wife and cousin started screaming in pain after they got interlocked in their genitals while having sex. Their screams attracted the attention of everyone and we all rushed there and found them in great pain. When my wife saw me, she cried and begged me to forgive her. Doctor Mugwenu unstuck them some few hours later I chased away y cousin for his disgusting behaviour.

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