I Found Out My Newly-Wedded Husband Has an Another Family after I Saw Their Pictures on Social Media

Do you know you can be a side chick or have a co-wife without you knowing it? I am saying this because it literally happened to me. The man I thought was my exclusive husband left me shocked almost to a point of being sick after I found out that he had another wife who had borne him twins.

I was shocked because my had just gotten married three months before me finding out about his dirty little secret. We had dated for three years and at no point did her ever come to me to confess that he had a family elsewhere. I introduced him to my parents and we also had a colourful wedding which led me to believe that he was genuinely in-love with me.

However, as I was scrolling Facebook, I saw a post in which a woman was tagging him, telling that he is the best.

“My dear husband, today I celebrate you for being the best man ever. Our twins and I love you so much,” the woman’s post read and he also posted my husband’s photo.

I thought I was dreaming or something and even suffered a panic attack. I immediately called my husband and asked him why another woman was celebrating him as her own husband. When he knew I had known about his secret, he switched off the phone and never talked to me again.

I was already humiliated as many of my friends and family saw the post and knew that my husband was cheating on me. My elder sister called me and told me if I really wanted my husband back, I needed to visit famous traditional doctor Kazimoto who helps people recover lost marriage.

Though I was mad at him, I wanted my husband for me as I had built my hopes on us raising a family together. I thus contacted Doctor Kazimoto and asked him to restore my marriage and make my husband love me more than his other woman.

The doctor did so and in less than a day, my husband unblocked me and swore that he love him. He came home that evening and promised never to be with the other woman again. I am now a happily married woman and my husband is head over heels in love with me.

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