I Lost KSh 500k after Being Drugged While Withdrawing the Cash from an ATM

Two weeks ago, I walked into an ATM at the CBD to withdraw some money which I had earned after selling a piece of my land to a Mzungu. I was excited to have the money as it was to finance my son’s entry into university to study medicine.

While at the ATM, something weird happened. I suddenly entered the room and he put a cloth over my mouth. I immediately became unconscious and on waking up, it was three hours later and I was at the hospital. I was informed that I was found unconscious in the ATM room and my money was all gone.
“We are sorry to inform you that we found you collapsed and your money had been stolen. We don’t know who did it but we have already contacted the police to help you,” one of the bank tellers who had rushed me to the hospital informed me.

I was at a loss of words! How could this happen!The money that could change my son’s future had been stolen. I started crying. The police later came to the hospital to speak to me and they promised they would get to the bottom of the matter.

I was discharged the following day and when I called the police, they told me my attacker was masked and so it would be difficult to actually catch him. I cried even more as they told me that and I felt helpless. I called my elder sister and told her what had happened and it is when she gave me the best advice.
“The best way to catch robbers is by using Doctor Kazimoto’s spells. Depending on the police is pointless,” she told.

I immediately dialed Doctor Kazimoto’s number and we talked on the phone. The best thing about his services is I did not need to go to his workplace. He was able to cast the catch a thief spell which he assured me it would work like wild fire.

The following day, the robbers came looking for me. They were eating grass and they had my money in their hands. They apologized to me and begged me to call off the spell that was making them eat grass. I called the police to arrest them and they were already serving a jail sentence.

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