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I Was Forced to Raise a Child Birthed by My Wife after My Brother Impregnated Her; Nairobi Man Says

Joseph Kemei shocked many Kenyans on Facebook after he wrote a heart wrenching story of how he was forced to take care of a child which his wife gave birth to after she was impregnated by his elder brother.
In his Facebook post, this is what he said:

“My name is Joseph Kemei. I got into an accident that left me disabled as my leg was amputated. However, since the accident, my wife started treating me with contempt. She could leave the house without cooking anything for me and come back late in the night.

Things got worse after I noticed that she was pregnant yet she and I had not slept together for months. I was so shocked. I asked her who impregnated her and she said it was my brother,” the man said.
He said his wife abused him that he could no longer satisfy her in bed as he was disabled and that was why she was sleeping with his brother.

“I could not hold my tears. How could they do this to me. The worst part is that after few months after she gave birth, she eloped with my brother to another town and I was left taking care of the child and other children by myself,” he added.

His post left many heartbroken on social media and one Kenyan sent him the contact of famous traditional doctor Kazimoto who could help him.
“I can feel your pain. I would advise that you call Doctor Kazimoto and trust me, your wife and brother will regret what they did to you,” the Kenyan told him.
Joseph called Doctor Kazimoto on +254741930918 and the doctor immediately cast a revenge spell for his wife and brother.
His wife started having mysterious wounds on her breasts and privates and voices asking her to return to her husband. The brother too started getting sick and the woman immediately returned home.

She begged for forgiveness saying she would never cheat on Joseph ever again. His brothers also returned to pray for forgiveness and since Doctor Kazimoto’s spells they stopped having sex.

Doctor Kazimoto has received recognition for dealing with issues of theft, love, broken marriage, spirits, businesses and also healing of diseases. You can contact him on +254741930918 and all your problems will be solved.

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