I Will Convert Machakos Governor’s Office to a Referral Hospital if Elected Governor-Johnstone Muthama

UDA party chairman Johnston Muthama now says he will convert Machakos governors office to a referral hospital.

Muthama says the facility was overpriced and ill advised.

“Building an overpriced multi-billion Governor’s office (Whitehouse) by Dr. Alfred Mutua led Machakos County Govt was ill-advised and against the common good. In my tenure as the Governor, I will convert that office block to a referral hospital to ensure that all County residents have access to the highest possible standard of health care irrespective of where they live,” said the UDA party chairman tjrougj

He says this will stop unnecessary and costly movement of patients (seeking high level of care) to Kenyatta Teaching and Referral Hospital in Nairobi City County. Our people deserve the best possible medical services.

His post recieved mixed reactions here are some of their comments.

Cosmas Musyoki says “It represent face of machakos county,just like a stadium that’s used once during a wordcup.dont paint funny yellow colors,”

Apolo Muinde says “I have a lot of respect for you. Pls don’t. Build hospitals , schools and prisons once devolved. House your cabinet officers here,”

Kioko kiambaa wrote “That might be an example of being planless.Counties were allocated monies for construction of office blocks and that’s what the outgoing governor did and his MCAs approved it.So incoming governor and the many more to come,where will be your office.Your manfesto and CIDP not yet out and you cannot change things so easily,this is a Democratic society,”

Kelvin Bett says “I think Mutua did something good. That office is a true expression of passion and faith towards devolution. Such projects are done once and for all. County governments cannot operate from rented apartments for the next 100 years,”

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