I will pay you! Desperate 45-Year-Old Woman Goes on Social Media to Look for a Man to Marry Her, Says She’s Unlucky

Society tends to judge unmarried women more harshly and finds them as women of no value. This is perhaps why Margaret Wangeci went viral two months ago after her heartfelt appeal on social media in which she narrated how she was craving to have a man who would love her for who she is!
“My name is Wangeci and I am 45 years old. The only reason I am coming to you on this Facebook app to look for love is because I have tried any other avenues of meeting people I can fall in love with but they have been unsucceful.
I have been to events, church programs, online dating and etc and each man I got from these places were all uninterested in me. They would dump me as soon as we started having sex,” she narrated.
She said she was beginning to get scared of being alone and at 45 years old she still had some hope in her. However, many people trolled her, wondering why she had high standards when it came to me.
“You made your bed! Now you must lie on it! Ulikataawanaumeukiwamdogo and now you must suffer the consequences,” she was told by one Facebook user.
“Weweumekuwawapi? My friend you cannot find love at this age” another Kenyan told her.
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Doctor Kazimoto cast his popular and effective love spell which changed the woman’s life forever.
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