‘’I worked as a prostitute for 10 years the gig has so many challenges…I found it hard to quit but I finally managed to quit when I did this’’


A lady identified as Lilian Mmbone from Sugoi revealed how she stumbled to quit from working as a commercial sex worker. A 30 year old lady revealed that she worked as a prostitute for ten years where she started having sex for money when she was only 20 years of age. Lilian further claimed what pushed her to start doing sex with men for money.
“My dream was to become a famous and a prominent millionaire owning a lot of money and assets, all went unplanned when I lost my grandmother who was fighting for her life diagnosed with cancer and died. After completing my form for exams is when my grandma died and all my dreams were cut short as I had no one to pay my university fees. It forced me to look for something I can do for myself to earn a living.” Lilian lamented.
She further revealed that she was forced to follow peer influence and decided to join a group of her former primary school friends that had joined prostitution as a way of earning money. She was introduced into the game where she was named “a mother of all” following her ability to in serving many customers. She did prostitution for quite a long period of time, she was advised by her neighbors about the side effects of performing sex for money seeking her to quit but she was unable due to addiction.

She continued as usual to transact the business for more than nine years until she was infected by an STI killer disease, Super gonorrhea. She was infected and she had to stop the habit to seek medication. She visited various hospitals but the doctors were unable to heal her. Luckily, she was referred to seek further assistance from a traditional herbalist from Kitengela called DrKazimoto.
She then contacted Dr.Kazimoto who then asked her to travel to Kitengela for further insights. When she arrived, she was interrogated by DrKazimoto and performed cleansing rituals that helped her stop her prostitution as well prescribed traditional herbs that she was to take three times a day. Since then her life changed as she stopped the habit and regained her health as she was before she was introduced to prostitution.

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